The Adventures of Starfish

Step aboard SV Starfish, and follow our voyages as we explore the far reached of the world.

Just a another day in the dinghy AKA “Sand Dollar”

The Journey is the Crew

Come along, and experience the journey from the comfort of home. We want you to feel like you’re truly part of the Starfish Crew!

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Join our Adventures from the comfort of home….

Come along as we encounter exciting people, diverse cultures, lost traditions and unforgettable landscapes.

Recent Destinations

Check out some of our most recent adventures….


Beer + Remote Beach = Heaven


Local fisherman – Hauling in a catch…


Sunsets in unforgettable anchorages

What People Say

“You guys are nuts, traveling during COVID?”

“You’re all back? We missed you (sigh)”

“Have any of you been to this island before? I guess you can come in…”

“Did you guys just buy all the beer in the store?”

“Those dudes smell real bad…”

– Various Rando Calrissians