What Vessel to Buy?

After years of searching classifieds, and vasilating between a Beneteau, Jeanneau, Tayana, and others – we’ve FINALLY decided to get a Amel. Erika was at the John and Amanda Neil seminar in Oakland and discussed the options for our journey and it seems the list is fairly short (about 20 manufacturers). Why so short of a list (you may be asking yourself?).

Erika and I have a very specific list of needs, we’re a couple – and are going to be short-handing the vessel (meaning we need to be able to do all the necessary maneuvering with 2 people – no more). If we want to get a sailboat that is big enough, but also managable – we need to change our sights and narrow the list down (which we did).

The finalist is the Amel Maramu, Mango or equivalent.

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