Salon Varnish Project – Before & After

Well, I almost forgot to post these pics – this is the before and after varnish work we did. Took about 3 days and 2 people to complete…total cost in materials¬† + sweat and blood = $600 USD. Companionway Steps – Before: Companionway Steps – After: Galley Sole – Before: Galley sole – After: GalleyContinue reading “Salon Varnish Project – Before & After”

Aft Owners Stateroom – Upholstry Job – Part One

Okay, we’re now in the process of re-upholstering (sp?) the Aft Stateroom (might as well just knock it all out at once, right?). Erika grabbed a bunch of sample fabrics from Rosario, and we’re trying to pick the best one. I’m not 100% in LOVE with the new ivory cushions in the Salon (which weContinue reading “Aft Owners Stateroom – Upholstry Job – Part One”

Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring!

So we finally received the Loncoin flooring rool and now have to transfer the old carpet sizes and dimensions onto the flooring that just arrived in ONE BIG SHEET. Check out Erika below: Once we traced them out with approx. 1.5″ of room on both sides (to ensure our installer had more than ample spaceContinue reading “Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring!”

Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Deux

We just returned from removing almost everything from the salon so our varnish/bright work man can get started on prepping the inside. We are literally almost redoing all the trip, sole, entry, galley trim, hatch (in & out) etc. This is going to probably be a 3 day prep job (properly sand, and prep ALLContinue reading “Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Deux”