Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Deux

We just returned from removing almost everything from the salon so our varnish/bright work man can get started on prepping the inside. We are literally almost redoing all the trip, sole, entry, galley trim, hatch (in & out) etc. This is going to probably be a 3 day prep job (properly sand, and prep ALL the woodwork prior to applying any coats of varnish). Antonio and Simon are hard at work and really good guys…cannot wait to see the finished product.

Entry Steps to Salon

Salon – Port Side View (no cushions, and ready for sanding (closing eyes!)…

Another view of the Portside Salon without cushions

Salon looking starboard – no cushions, and check out the sexy lee bar 😉
*I SWEAR >> This was a HDR image – looks like the compression got all fumbled (apologies)


Note: We will be heading back next weekend to see how much progress they have made – hopefully we can post a “midway” progress report, and you can see all the prep work that had to be done!

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