Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring!

So we finally received the Loncoin flooring rool and now have to transfer the old carpet sizes and dimensions onto the flooring that just arrived in ONE BIG SHEET.

Check out Erika below:

Once we traced them out with approx. 1.5″ of room on both sides (to ensure our installer had more than ample space to work with and fit the trim) – it was time to cut it out 😉

This is where the flooring will go:

Forward Stateroom flooring (sans carpet) still need to scrape the nasty foam padding off – smells awful!

Hallway behind forward stateroom – head is to port 🙂 >> note sole needing refinishing on bottom of the photo

And MY FAV place that will be receive the new Loncoin flooring: The Aft Owners Stateroom (which was covered entirely in new carpet)

Aft Owners Stateroom floor/sole – we scraped up all the carpet and foam residue (ready for new flooring and epoxy 😉 )

That’s all we have for today – we’re both extremely tired but VERY excited! Can’t wait to show everyone the ‘After’ Photos – should be like the unveiling of the Swan!

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