Aft Owners Stateroom – Upholstry Job – Part One

Okay, we’re now in the process of re-upholstering (sp?) the Aft Stateroom (might as well just knock it all out at once, right?).
Erika grabbed a bunch of sample fabrics from Rosario, and we’re trying to pick the best one. I’m not 100% in LOVE with the new ivory cushions in the Salon (which we haven’t finalized installation yet of) – so we’re spending a lot of time making sure that we choose the right fabrics and colors the second time around. Erika is a rock star, she spent a hour just looking at the combinations of patterns in both daylight and night time – it really matters what light you see them in!

Checking out the new fabric options for the Aft Stateroom – W00t!!! I actually like the old “vintage” style, but it MUST go – smells like a old dormitory 😉

Will this color for the drapes also match the wood AND cushions? (see I would not of thought about this – colors must coexist in peace and harmony!)

Can you say: “Attention to Detail?” >>Nuff said – She’s a color maestro. Seriously my better half!

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