Sunday Sails – Kaizen Style | 10.28.12

We had such a great day today – sailed down the coast to Redondo today with Harry, Myra (his Wife) and 4mo old baby Hazel.

*And yes, this was a captured moment with me attempting to steal a homemade cookie from Myra!

This was the second outing with Harry, but the first for both Myra and Hazel – we tried to make the first time sailing experience epic – pulling out all the sails and shutting off the Yanmar for a few hours of peaceful wind powered bliss 🙂

Erika was Captain most of the voyage and we used the autopilot whenever possible to eat and enjoy the beautiful sunshine on deck.

It’s days like today that make me a proud sailboat owner and to be able to watch Erika become comfortable on the water – my grin is from ear to ear!

Keep Calm and Sail on my friends!

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