Things to Love About MDR

One of the pleasant surprises of owning a boat and having her docked in a local marina is the ongoing path of discovery of your new ‘hood.

Marina Del Rey (or MDR) is not too far from where we live, but spending so much time on Cerulean with multiple projects and endless trips down to the marina for materials and supplies – we have come to “discover” our new favorite nautical-friendly neighborhood to hang out when we aren’t on the boat itself.

A few foodie favorites include:

  • Chart House Happy Hour. This is a must do. Their wasabi ahi nachos, the little iron skillet of mussels and a secret happy hour burger that’s not on the menu are all epic.
  • Joni’s Coffee Roaster.  We love their endless breakfast selections, as well as their fresh brewed coffee. It’s hard to pass by in the morning without making a pit stop.
  • Rainbow Acres.  Anyone who loves fresh pressed juice,  local or vegan options or just super healthy snacks, this is the place. Their housemade salsa, guacamole and corn chips are undeniably the best in town.
  • Mendocino Farms. All locally sourced, this is one of our favorite lunch places – as their sandwiches and cold case salads never cease to please. If you are a carnivore  or veggie lover, the choices will deliver.
  • Baja Cantina. Off the beaten path a bit on Washington Blvd., the best place to stop for a marg, some traditional nachos and tacos while sitting outside.
  • Gaby’s Express. Killer mediterranean drive through, with just as killer options (great hummous!) and cheap prices.
  • The Counter. Who doesn’t need a burger once in awhile – this place is not only tasty with every option under the sun; but it also made Oprah’s list.

Other non-foodie finds:

  • West Marine.  Amazingly dedicated and knowledgeable staff, who are always willing to assist you with your boating needs. Great supplies, also good selection of clothes, shoes and books.
  • The Ship Store. If we can’t find it at West Marine, this is the next stop. Also super close to our side of MDR, so makes it very convenient too.
  • Marina Market & Liquor. Very easy to get to and they carry all of the basics, including a pretty impressive wine selection and an assortment of sweets and savories that are imported. Love to grab some Bahlsen cookies any day!

A few things on our “to-do” list too!:

  • Sunny Spot for happy hour. Any Roy Choi place has to be good.
  • Le Cellier for French Vietnamese and wine, done and done.
  • Jamaica Inn for view and supposedly great patio.
  • Café del Mar for anytime. Just looks nice.
  • Tajrish Persian Kabob House because it just looks and sounds good.

Check back for updates soon – as we are constantly adding more as we discover MDR!

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