Nice Galley, Happy Sailor

Check out the amazing before and after photos of the Galley cabinetry lining re-vinyl process (seriously this took 5+ days for 2 people to do, removing all the old glue, foam, vinyl, then prepping the material, and cutting hundreds of small pieces and corners to make every compartment fit perfectly – no 2 areas are alike!).

Under the Galley Sink – Before:
Under the Galley Sink - Before

Under the Galley Sink – After:

Galley Sliding Cabinets – Before:
Galley 3

Galley Sliding Cabinets – After:


Port Galley Storeage – Before:
Galley 4


Steering Wheel Lock seen visible – clean vinyl install around and the Galley facing Aft Cabinets – After:


Behind Galley Sink – After:
There were no ‘before’ shots of this major abomination of a a cabinet/storage area – it was literally caked with crud, grime, dirt and cleaning chemical drippings from cleaning products over the years 😉

Once again, this work was completed by Rosario Boat Covers – who is the most amazing interior and upholstery shop in Los Angeles. Rosario and his brother Mario, work tirelessly and produce a flawless and top quality result for every job we have hired them for. In addition, if you remember they also helped ‘bail’ us out when we hired a ‘not so experienced marine’/auto upholstery company to work on our interior – without Rosario, we would be stuck replacing the previous work!

I’m excited, because Erika BANNED me from storing anything in those cabinets until they were properly cleaned and disinfected – when I started that ‘cleaning’ process, the original vinyl lining started to disintegrate in my hands (so what I originally thought was “cleaning”, quickly  became removing/stripping and peeling process – LOL), and I knew this was going to be a HUGE project…we waited for the off season (aka So Cal Winter) to arrive, so we could save some money (always cheaper to do work like this in the off season) great planning from my First Mate Erika 😉

Can’t wait to start to fill the cabinets with our lock’n’lock storage containers and foodstuffs 😉

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