Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 1.27.13

What a day, headed to the boat with small expectations as there was a small craft advisory in effect – but, the day was fantastic 🙂 Stacey took this awesome photo of Erika and I – believe it or not, that’s the fuel dock! Here is Erika on the Helm – Aye, Aye Captain 🙂Continue reading “Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 1.27.13”

Recovering a Sailboat Wheel is Not a Fast Task

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details – and an ounce of effort makes a world of change. When it comes to redoing the wheel cover on Cerulean, Jeremy and I knew it would look great – but the project itself was definitely bigger than expected. Jeremy did a great jobContinue reading “Recovering a Sailboat Wheel is Not a Fast Task”

Project: New Canvas Covers

Okay, so we have spent 90% of our time on the interior of Cerulean, now it’s time for some exterior attention – namely the canvas covers. We have a lot of sail area with a Ketch, and both sail covers are looking pretty old, not to mention the companionway hatch and wheel cover that lookContinue reading “Project: New Canvas Covers”

New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete

How exciting! I previously posted that our Galley Faucet had stopped working (ironically, it wouldn’t stop/turn off – LOL). Everything on this boat is not easy (30yrs old and French built), we had a menagerie of metric and standard plumbing parts to mate/fix up. After a hour or two of headbanging, we enlisted Karl &Continue reading “New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete”

Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

Okay, so Erika and I purchased a new 10.8 ft RIB a few months ago, I can say it’s WAY too big now. We have tried over 4-5 different deck configurations with no success, it simply has to be deflated to remain on deck…this was a major problem for us – let me digress: 1.Continue reading “Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)”