Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

Okay, so Erika and I purchased a new 10.8 ft RIB a few months ago, I can say it’s WAY too big now. We have tried over 4-5 different deck configurations with no success, it simply has to be deflated to remain on deck…this was a major problem for us – let me digress:

1. The dinghy inflated with aluminum floorboards weighs over 130+lbs, this is way too heavy for a single person to muscle overboard (even with a halyard or boom extended)2. Even with a 5hp motor, it’s really slow! I know, I know, I was told to get a higher HP motor, but really? More fuel, more weight, more vibration =YUK
3. Scared our dog will puncture it with her fingernails…we own a 100+lb Giant Schnauzer and we are deathly afraid of taking her in the dinghy after a recent nail clipping, those are sharp!!!
4. Have you ever tried to row a RIB? it literally is living hell…

Well, after about 4 months of looking around, testing out everything from a Boston Whaler, Walker Bay/West Marine brands etc…we have fallen in love with the Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (nesting) – she also can be rowed EASILY and sailed too!

Gig Harbor – 10′ Navigator nesting dinghy or tender:
2 Part - Nesting Navigator 10'



Note: These are not actual photos of my dinghy, just ones from the workshop so I could see the nesting in action >> whaddya think? let me know in the comments section please.

*STOKED: Just sent the downpayment to Gig Harbor Boat Works today (1/4/2013) – and got a nesting version with stainless keel strip and 7′ locking oars 🙂

Update 4/3/13: New photos of “Petite Blue” from Dave & Janet at Gig Harbor! Awaiting shipment now – can’t wait…


3 thoughts on “Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

  1. I want one!! Sitting on my boat in London looking for nesting dinghies I came a cross your posting. I’m jealous. What is the lead time? How much does it weigh? (I’m gonna have to bring it to England as baggage I think. (oh and how much did it cost?)

    1. Hey there!

      Dave and Janet at Gig Harbor are a absolute pleasure to work with. Lead time was approx 7-8 weeks total.

      Highly recommended – check them out

      Should take delivery in the next week or two will post photos!


  2. Jer,
    I have been through a bunch of dinghies over the years and can’t be satisfied with any. But I’ve not had a hard one and have been drooling on these for a couple of years. But I noted that you are selling yours and opting back to an RIB. What was your experience that changed your mind?

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