New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete

How exciting! I previously posted that our Galley Faucet had stopped working (ironically, it wouldn’t stop/turn off – LOL).

Everything on this boat is not easy (30yrs old and French built), we had a menagerie of metric and standard plumbing parts to mate/fix up. After a hour or two of headbanging, we enlisted Karl & Nick from CC Marine to come to the rescue again!

Check it out – before and after shots of the galley faucet below.

Before – Old Galley Faucet (Original):
Galley Faucet Handles - Almost Frozen

Cerulean - Galley Faucet Handles (Original Equipment)

New Scandvik Faucet Mixing Bridge (not OEM but we loved the way it looked and had a mixer top/bottom option):



They aren’t angled like we wanted, but fit the style of the original (and fit the bulkhead/wall openings perfectly!).

Now the water turns off when the knob is turned, how novel of a concept.

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