Recovering a Sailboat Wheel is Not a Fast Task

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details – and an ounce of effort makes a world of change. When it comes to redoing the wheel cover on Cerulean, Jeremy and I knew it would look great – but the project itself was definitely bigger than expected.

Jeremy did a great job researching do-it-yourself options and settled on a light gray suede cover from Boat Leather in Seattle, which was measured to perfection.

Next, he made sure he had all of the details down regarding installation and stitch types. Going into the project, he knew it would be at least 4 hours.

Wheel stiching_Jeremy threadWheel stiching_close up 1Wheel stiching_close up 2Wheel stiching_close up 5Wheel stiching_Jeremy

A few hours later (and up and beyond the initial hours we thought it would take) – as well as blisters and athletic tape on the hands aside – the wheel looks amazing. The stitch detail looks perfect – and uber professional.

Thank goodness for his patience and determination, we are super happy with the results and I certainly could not have done a better job!

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