New Genoa Sail Cover – UK Sailmakers Rock

Just installed the new Genoa sailcover today, and boy this cost me more than I anticipated.

Little old “naive me” learned that a normal Canvas shop should NEVER install a furled sail cover (sunbrella or otherwise) – they simply don’t have the proper sailmaker cross stitch sewing machines to do it right. You’ve seen the Genoas with tattered and flapping canvas, yeah those – they were probably done with a single stitch machine 😦

Ohh well, lesson learned – thanks to Oliver at UK Sails in Venice and Byron Pfeiffer (amazing rigger) who steered me correctly!

Posted ’bout it here on CF: Sailmaker cross stitch machine needed for Genoa sail cover– doh!

New pics – whaddya think?
Nice Stitch work on the Genoa by Oliver at UK Sails in Venice

Genoa with new canvas all furled

No more ugly brown canvas on Cerulean!

This was the LAST of the old brown canvas – it wasn’t ugly, just not my tastes…

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