Aft Cabin – Vanity Conversion

I have no complaints about our Aft Owners cabin, but have little use for Ceruleans very ‘petite’ sitting vanity that can be re-purposed and made much more functional.

Original Vanity – Before:
old amel vanity 4

**No this is not our boat, but a sistership – I somehow deleted those series of pics while sync’ing my iPhone = DOH!

New Storage Cabinet – After:

Original Drawings I sent to our woodworker – yes, they are very basic:
Cerulean Aft Cabin Vanity Drawings

Some action photos during the process:


*Fitting the new support height to allow the existing drawer to remain (yes, I’m cheap!)


*There is a TON of usable space that was previously storing a tiny stool. Shoes, you now have a new home!

That old bungee was to hold the vanity stool from swinging around, you will no longer be needed!

Updates #1 – Day 3: All the components have been cut, fit and ready to install (FYI: $100+ in teak 1/4in panels don’t make Jeremy a happy man!)

Check out the fit and trim – looks just like the original cabinets (all sliding doors vs hinged)

2013-03-27 10.47.44-2

So far, we simply need to let the dowel glue dry, and then sand + start the varnish process. We’re picking 2parts satin to 1part gloss 😉 lets see how it goes…will post updated pics tomorrow!

Update #3 – Ready for Primetime, Varnished and stained, ready to go…can’t thank Joel Gonzalez, and his son Joel Jr More – they we’re excellent to work with and were very open to ideas and discussing solutions that would maintain the look/feel & style of Cerulean (Amel’s are very retro+unique boats).

2013-06-08 06.45.53

2013-06-08 06.46.01


Honestly, can’t take responsibility for this idea, we got it from the Amel owners forum, where a sister ship (newer Super Maramu) completed a similar vanity conversion.
**The Original Inspiration from S/V Moon Dog on the Amel Owners Forum:

They used a wire shelf vs, a wooden one – either would work, we had the wood worker there…why the heck not go all the way

Not sure who did their wood work, but it surely turned out nice – I wish we had that much room for the doors to swing open too – we had to replicate the sliding doors in the cabin already.

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