Interior Metal Polishing and Brightwork


After a great experience with Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing, we chose to work with Chris and Lia long term. Their work on the Hull polishing and topside brightwork was very impressive, so we decided to start attacking the faded, corroded metal components down below (hinges, handles, exposed aluminum latches, etc.) – this is phase one.

Before pictures of the pieces below deck:
Hinges on Bulkheads - Before
 Bulkhead door hinges getting ready with tape and varnish protection (before)Corrosion Drawer Stops - Before
Companion way lock and latch mechanism (before)Corrosion Latch Hatch - Before
This poor latch that look like a salt attack occurred in its past!

In between >> aka work-in-progress brightwork photos:
Lonely Latch Home - Before
Lonely woodwork
Drawer Latch removed - Before
Naked hardware (looks lonely right?)
Forward bulkhead ‘crash’ compartment seal and door (notice the awesome sole work we did last year!)Cleaning and Polishing - Before
Polishing goodness!
Wait for it – wait for it >> The awesome results:
Latch - Installed - AfterBulkhead Door - AfterBulkhead Door Hinges - After
Now only 50+ more pieces to go – LOL. In all seriousness tho, we are very excited to start cleaning and polishing all the metal surfaces so they ALL look like new >> IMHO: they simply don’t make hardware like this anymore, it’s all SUPER strong forged metal and makes the interior shine like new again! Amel’s are built to last a lifetime, we have to respect what we have and protect/restore her as Cerulean deserves.

How the heck did you do it?
You may be wondering “what on earth did we use to get everything to look so darn good (just ask a barkeeper)?
Magic Barkeepers Friend - Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing
Bar Keepers Friend + 3M Metal Restorer and Polish = Marine Metal Restoration Magic

Thanks again to Chris + Lia at Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing, they are simply the best in the basin “.” and we’re looking forward to working with them to get Cerulean into tip-top shape.


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