New Harken Winch – Installation Complete

After rebuilding our old Lewmar and using for 3+yrs, We got Cerulean a new main winch!!  Old Lewmar (old but worked!):   Installation Process: 1. Remove old winch  2. Install new winch:    Enjoy new Harken – yay!    Can’t wait to take her out and test the newContinue reading “New Harken Winch – Installation Complete”

Galvonic Isolator to the rescue – ZincSaver by ProMariner

After being in MDR for 3yrs we’ve noticed its a very hot harbor – meaning our Zincs get used a lot faster here than when at sea. Because we’re hooked up to Shore power a lot and rely on our Zantrex Freedom 20 for our luxury comforts (TV, power outlets, microwave etc)…it only made senseContinue reading “Galvonic Isolator to the rescue – ZincSaver by ProMariner”

Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!

Our Gig Harbor Navigator is all grown up!!!! Seriously, I’m stoked >> she can row, sail, and motor with the best of them. To us this is the best combo-dinghy you can get. Before installation: After installation: Can’t thank Justin enough for his help, it took over 4 hours but we were trying to doContinue reading “Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!”