Galvonic Isolator to the rescue – ZincSaver by ProMariner

After being in MDR for 3yrs we’ve noticed its a very hot harbor – meaning our Zincs get used a lot faster here than when at sea.

Because we’re hooked up to Shore power a lot and rely on our Zantrex Freedom 20 for our luxury comforts (TV, power outlets, microwave etc)…it only made sense to step up our war on corrosion and finally install a Galvonic isolator.

Called up CC Marine as usual and ordered up a reputable 30amp brand (ProMariner) and got to it!

Check out the final install:


Thanks again to Danny for the clean installation and placement next to our Xantrex – looking good Cerulean, looking good.

Fighting back on corrosion is the first step we can take to keep our beautiful vessel in top-top ship shape!!!

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