An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean

Wow – it’s been 3yrs to the day that Cerulean joined the Hermanns Family, and what a amazing journey it’s been! I wanted to share some of the older posts and photos that document the refit, and adventures that we’ve been through together. Cerulean being Hauled out of the water in Ventura (first day ofContinue reading “An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean”

Head Project: Replacing the Sink Faucets/Shower Heads

While I was working on the other plumbing needs for Cerulean, we started to look at the shower heads/sink faucets in the respective forward and aft heads. As you can see the old faucets were rusted, had some form of rubber cement blocking the non-shower setting and simply were not up to operational rigors –Continue reading “Head Project: Replacing the Sink Faucets/Shower Heads”

Galley Projects: New Faucet, Salt Water Spigot, and 3M Water Filter

Fun project that we finished after the last survey came back with some plumbing issues that need to be fixed ASAP. More upgrades and improvements, check it out…worked with Pedro on all the fixes – he’s just awesome. Old Cerulean fresh/saltwater galley faucet! New upgraded fresh water only galley faucet (looks good right?) It’s muchContinue reading “Galley Projects: New Faucet, Salt Water Spigot, and 3M Water Filter”