Galley Projects: New Faucet, Salt Water Spigot, and 3M Water Filter

Fun project that we finished after the last survey came back with some plumbing issues that need to be fixed ASAP. More upgrades and improvements, check it out…worked with Pedro on all the fixes – he’s just awesome.Old Galley Faucet (Saltwater and Freshwater)

Old Cerulean fresh/saltwater galley faucet!
New Galley Faucet replacement - Cerulean
New upgraded fresh water only galley faucet (looks good right?) It’s much more functional as well and doesn’t impart a metallic taste in the water anymore.

Saltwater Faucet
With the replacement of the dual faucet, needed to add a secondary salt water only foot pump spigot – picked up this beauty from NZ.

Galley Drinking Water Filter
Ignore the mess of peeling vinyl (that was due to the leaking salt water spigot line that we uncovered. But the good news is we now have a 3M water filter installed, and the water from the sink is just glorious to drink now…w00t!

Lots of stuff to fix and replace in one day, but we got it done and everything works – gotta put poor CeruleanĀ back together now, lol.


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