An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean

Wow – it’s been 3yrs to the day that Cerulean joined the Hermanns Family, and what a amazing journey it’s been!

I wanted to share some of the older posts and photos that document the refit, and adventures that we’ve been through together.

Cerulean being Hauled out of the water in Ventura (first day of ownership):
Cerulean-in-slings-front-view Cerulean in lift ready for slings

Our delivery trip from Ventura Harbor to Marina Del Rey (month 2 of ownership):
Cerulean during sea trial cruise 

The old brown and battered canvas – she looks tired doesn’t she?:
 2013-01-11 09.11.34 20130118-203942.jpg   
2013-01-11 09.12.09 2013-01-11 09.12.13
2013-01-11 09.11.59

Selecting the new Sunbrella canvas color:
2013-01-08 14.50.12

New beautiful canvas from Rosario and Mario installed + fitted:
20130118-203926.jpgCerulean in Slip - Showing off new Canvas Covers20130118-203843.jpg 20130118-203850.jpg
20130118-203909.jpg 20130118-203858.jpg

Owners Aft Cabin – before and after:

2012-07-15 12.04.13 photo(5)


Salon interior – before and after:
2012-07-15 11.35.33photo(14)
Foam being cut for new salon cushions:
New-cushions-starboard new-cushions-port-side new-cushions-port-side-forward
New Salon cushions complete:
Port Side - New with Pillows
Starboard - Salon with new cushions and bolster pillows

Flooring – before and after (yes there was awful carpet we had to rip it all up!!):
Forward Cabin and Head Hallway - needing Loncoin Flooring - Cerulean  Aft Stateroom - All Flooring needing Loncoin - CeruleanForward Stateroom flooring ready for Loncoin installation - Cerulean
Flooring – beautiful Loncoin installed now:
img_5844 loncoin 2loncoin 1

Woodwork – before and after:
Galley Area - Ready for Sanding Galley Floor Area - Ready for Sanding Salon main area sole - before varnish
IMG_3036 IMG_3039 IMG_3056 20130324-102517.jpg
Woodwork after Antonio’s amazing refinishing:
Salon Sole - After Galley Sole - RefinishedGalley Cabinets - Refinished Salon Table - Refinished  New Clear Stair Treads and Companionway Varnish (Ohh La-La!!!)

Replacing the galley cabinet liners (these were in desperate need of replacement):
Under the Galley Sink - Before Galley 3 Galley 4

 20121224-133516.jpg 20121224-133535.jpg 20121224-133558.jpg

Running Rigging – before and after:
2013-07-19 06.09.41
Running Rigging – After Dylan Pfeiffer had a chance to update:
20130720-125548.jpg 20130720-125420.jpg
20130720-125502.jpg 20130720-125446.jpg

Our trusty new Magma Grill (nom nom nom):
2015-03-04 16.35.14 2015-03-04 18.05.52

Picking out the name and new logo:
SV Cerulean logo choices SV Cerulean logo final list Cutting and Measuring the Logo & Decal Size

And the long awaited re-naming ceremony:
 2012-12-28 09.23.562013-04-02 08.32.58

There is literally hundreds of other little improvements to point out that have made Cerulean much more livable – but the above are all the major projects.

As most boat owners know, ownership is a never ending journey of upgrades, repairs and maintenance work – but some of us are really passionate about our vessels and that includes me!

Wishing you a Happy 3rd Anniversary Cerulean – may we have many many more years to share together…


4 thoughts on “An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean

  1. Hi! Awesome job! Looks like a lot of hard work, but definitely looks like it has paid off! I am just finding your blog from crusierforum, and I am also considering an Amel. By chance do you know what your total refit cost was, and how much you did yourself vs. hired out? I am wondering about the costs/time to refit vs. buying a newer boat. Thanks in advance, and your new home looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks Kyle, its been fun for sure! Its a ton of work, but learning so much along the way. The Amel is one of the most amazing sailing vessels I have ever Captain’d…

  2. I never posted this! Lol – the boat was undergoing the engine refit when purchasing her, so I overpaid $170k vs going rate of $130-140k. But I was ok with that considering the repower was talked about a lot on the Yahoo Groups Amel owners forum. I spent another $35k on new interior (every cabin and salon reupholstered =$12k + Canvas =$6k + New A/V system = $3k + New Batteries AGM = $1.5k + New Running rigging = $3.5k, + $3k on a bunch of smaller stuff.

    Note that didn’t include the $5k dinghy + Motor) etc.

    Hope that helps!!!!

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