New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains

Its been a fun beginning of the year for Cerulean, she has all new Salon upholstery (no more fully White Vinyl) and matching closet curtains. Honestly, I’m so ecstatic about how good it all came out.


The real credit goes to Mimi Sadoshima (my girlfriend) who did all of the design. Her style and aesthetic is much more refined than mine, the color choices and corresponding look we’re from her putting time and effort into the fabric choices.

Even the closet enclosures look 10x better!

Here is the Salon without me mucking up the shot:
Cerulean is going to be in Catalina a lot this year, so we wanted to ensure that the Salon was as comfy as possible – as it’s our home away from home.

Thanks so much Mimi – XOXO!!!

2 thoughts on “New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains

  1. Just curious where is your upholstery person located? I need all my upholstery redone I’m on the west coast of the US right now but I’ll be back with my boat next week in St. Lucia. And with plans on heading north soon. If I throw your name and can get a discount or if I can throw your name and get you guys a credit that will be awesome. I love to find workers through word-of-mouth to know that their work is credentialed and have satisfy customers.
    Mike Ridderhoff

    1. Mike: Absolutely its Rosario Upholstery
      hes a SMALL shop and does amazing work
      Cecelia is his wife and office manager, his brother is Mario. I trust no one else…they are simply amazing.

      Please tell them Jeremy from Cerulean sent you!

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