39th Birthday Weekend in Avalon!

Wow – we just got back from an amazing weekend in Avalon, had a full crew of 6 people and it was truly one of the best night crossings we’ve ever had. I’m honestly so lucky to have such amazing nautical minded friends 🙂

The crossing over took us approx 6.5hrs and we had great winds, threw up the Genoa and Main and motorsailer at ~7kts the whole way over. In addition we had an almost FULL moon to light up the water and sky.

Waking up to a sleepy Avalon Mooring Field
We finally picked up the Mooring ball at ~3am, so this was the first daybreak light that we could take a picture – talk about a empty mooring field, we literally had most of the bay to ourselves. AKA: CATALINA ISLAND PERFECTION!

Kyoko, Matt and Mimi on the aft deck 🙂 (No that’s not alcohol in the cup 😛 )

Mimi and Kyoko celebrating…

After arriving, Mimi and Kyoko made an AMAZING gourmet breakfast onboard for us all to enjoy (it was SO YUMMY!):
Amazing Breakfast onboard the boat - eggs and avocado toast!
One of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had onboard! Thanks Mimi and Kyoko for your delicious breakfast.

Who wants grits? I do I do
Grits on a sailboat? Yes indeed, and they were SO friggin good.

Now it was time to setup the Dinghy so we could get ashore:
Setting up the new Achilles dinghy on Cerulean

Almost there! Have to just undo this one knot :)
Just one more knot to untie 🙂 LOL
Dinghy setup victory
Let’s go zip around! Dinghy is done 🙂

Mimi in the Achilles Dinghy as we motor ashore for a drink
Mimi looking spectacular as usual – Who’s ready for a drink? We are!

Open presents time!
So thoughtful, everyone brought presents and we had a blast opening them…
very thoughtful gifts from everyone
Time to read everyone’s cards – so sweet and thoughtful…
Im no good at unwrapping gifts, evidenced by this...
Clearly Im no good at unwrapping gifts LOL – don’t I look challenged? DOH

On the way back Matty and I took the sails up and down with ease:
*There is nothing better than a Crew that helps!!!!

Relaxing on board with the crew and grabbing some alone time with my Love Mimi:
Alone on deck with My Love - Mimi Sadoshima

Time for Dinner!

We have some other photos Im collecting from the group, so please be patient!

Just wanted to thank everyone again for making this weekend the best Birthday I could ever ask for – 39yrs isn’t so bad when your with amazing friends.

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