Forward Head Freshwater Self-Macerating MasterFlush to Cerulean

We’ve had a heck of a time with our saltwater jabsco toilet, it just smells and is hard to use (makes people go back to our Aft head where we have a sweet freshwater VacuFlush and the holding tank. I saw a great deal for a MasterFlush with remote button that had the orbit base (can be installed 360) and due to the Maramu’s high wall angle with pan it had to be pump forward facing – FWIW: not many marine toilets can be installed with plumbing and macerator motor facing in any direction.

Ok so on to the job at hand – installing the toilet!

Below are some photos from the installation. A quick summary:

  • Be sure to remove old toilet / marine head first
  • Due to the inline macerating pump the MasterFlush does need a good supply of juice, so we ran separate electrical to the toilet from the main battery bank (ironically next to the black water conduit)
  • Clean the area and grind off the old bolts
  • Install the new orbit base and ensure you don’t need extra hose or fittings (we needed both)
  • Find a good place for the switch and start to cut out with template
  • Wire it all up
  • Tighten it all down and test circuit works

Will post the end photo, I dropped my phone in the water the next day and lost photos what weren’t in the cloud – lol

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