Galley Projects: New Faucet, Salt Water Spigot, and 3M Water Filter

Fun project that we finished after the last survey came back with some plumbing issues that need to be fixed ASAP. More upgrades and improvements, check it out…worked with Pedro on all the fixes – he’s just awesome. Old Cerulean fresh/saltwater galley faucet! New upgraded fresh water only galley faucet (looks good right?) It’s muchContinue reading “Galley Projects: New Faucet, Salt Water Spigot, and 3M Water Filter”

New Harken Winch – Installation Complete

After rebuilding our old Lewmar and using for 3+yrs, We got Cerulean a new main winch!!  Old Lewmar (old but worked!):   Installation Process: 1. Remove old winch  2. Install new winch:    Enjoy new Harken – yay!    Can’t wait to take her out and test the newContinue reading “New Harken Winch – Installation Complete”

Galvonic Isolator to the rescue – ZincSaver by ProMariner

After being in MDR for 3yrs we’ve noticed its a very hot harbor – meaning our Zincs get used a lot faster here than when at sea. Because we’re hooked up to Shore power a lot and rely on our Zantrex Freedom 20 for our luxury comforts (TV, power outlets, microwave etc)…it only made senseContinue reading “Galvonic Isolator to the rescue – ZincSaver by ProMariner”

Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!

Our Gig Harbor Navigator is all grown up!!!! Seriously, I’m stoked >> she can row, sail, and motor with the best of them. To us this is the best combo-dinghy you can get. Before installation: After installation: Can’t thank Justin enough for his help, it took over 4 hours but we were trying to doContinue reading “Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!”

Interior Metal Polishing and Brightwork

Ahoy! After a great experience with Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing, we chose to work with Chris and Lia long term. Their work on the Hull polishing and topside brightwork was very impressive, so we decided to start attacking the faded, corroded metal components down below (hinges, handles, exposed aluminum latches, etc.) – this is phaseContinue reading “Interior Metal Polishing and Brightwork”

Polishing Cerulean’s Hull & Topside Brightwork

Ohh the joys of Oxidized Gelcoat! After a trip to Catalina and diving the hull I was unable to see a solid reflection of the sunlight on the hull 😦 I knew she was oxidized, flat, and in need of some TLC. Well, nothing looks better than a shiny hull so I took some localContinue reading “Polishing Cerulean’s Hull & Topside Brightwork”

Avalon + Two Harbors – A Cerulean & Tranquilo Weekend

We decided to meet up with our dockmates Mike and Linda from Tranquilo (Motor Yacht) and spend a weekend on Catalina together! After Mike and Erika found a suitable weekend – we planned the first day on Avalon (so we could hit up Steve’s Steakhouse of course) and enjoy the comforts of the small Town,Continue reading “Avalon + Two Harbors – A Cerulean & Tranquilo Weekend”

New Clear Makrolon – Goodbye Blurry Eisenglass

We got the new Makrolon installed today! Looks great – compared to the old stuff, clear as glass (no pun intended). Thanks for the advice Rosario! This was the best photo of the old Eisenglass that I could find. New Makrolon replacement – it literally looks like glass! **Updated: I thought Rosario installed Strataglass, whoopsieContinue reading “New Clear Makrolon – Goodbye Blurry Eisenglass”