Aft Cabin – Vanity Conversion

I have no complaints about our Aft Owners cabin, but have little use for Ceruleans very ‘petite’ sitting vanity that can be re-purposed and made much more functional. Original Vanity – Before: **No this is not our boat, but a sistership – I somehow deleted those series of pics while sync’ing my iPhone = DOH!Continue reading “Aft Cabin – Vanity Conversion”

New Genoa Sail Cover – UK Sailmakers Rock

Just installed the new Genoa sailcover today, and boy this cost me more than I anticipated. Little old “naive me” learned that a normal Canvas shop should NEVER install a furled sail cover (sunbrella or otherwise) – they simply don’t have the proper sailmaker cross stitch sewing machines to do it right. You’ve seen the Genoas withContinue reading “New Genoa Sail Cover – UK Sailmakers Rock”

Companionway Stairs – Hot Treadwork

We never loved the look of our companionway stairs and wanted to desperately replace the dreaded BLACK treads, with more appealing alternatives. So, we had a new woodworker Joel come over and show us how he would varnish and add clear treads – check out the beautiful work below! Companionway Steps Before: Companionway Steps AfterContinue reading “Companionway Stairs – Hot Treadwork”

Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 2.17.13

Another awesome sail with friends – this time Shannan and John! Shannan has been sailing her entire life, John not so much – but he was a great sport regardless of his lack of sealegs! John and Shannan hanging out in the cockpit 😉 Erika showing her Seamanship as Captain – watch out there mayContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 2.17.13”

Sunday Sails – Cerulean is Officially a Dog Sailboat! | 2.3.13

This weekend was the first time that Erika and I took Beatrix (our Schnauzer) onboard. She was a little confused at first, but after about 20 minutes started to explore the environment and feel comfortable. We tried to get her to relax, but she wanted to sniff every fitting, block, and wince on deck. OnceContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Cerulean is Officially a Dog Sailboat! | 2.3.13”

Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 1.27.13

What a day, headed to the boat with small expectations as there was a small craft advisory in effect – but, the day was fantastic 🙂 Stacey took this awesome photo of Erika and I – believe it or not, that’s the fuel dock! Here is Erika on the Helm – Aye, Aye Captain 🙂Continue reading “Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 1.27.13”

Recovering a Sailboat Wheel is Not a Fast Task

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details – and an ounce of effort makes a world of change. When it comes to redoing the wheel cover on Cerulean, Jeremy and I knew it would look great – but the project itself was definitely bigger than expected. Jeremy did a great jobContinue reading “Recovering a Sailboat Wheel is Not a Fast Task”

Project: New Canvas Covers

Okay, so we have spent 90% of our time on the interior of Cerulean, now it’s time for some exterior attention – namely the canvas covers. We have a lot of sail area with a Ketch, and both sail covers are looking pretty old, not to mention the companionway hatch and wheel cover that lookContinue reading “Project: New Canvas Covers”

New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete

How exciting! I previously posted that our Galley Faucet had stopped working (ironically, it wouldn’t stop/turn off – LOL). Everything on this boat is not easy (30yrs old and French built), we had a menagerie of metric and standard plumbing parts to mate/fix up. After a hour or two of headbanging, we enlisted Karl &Continue reading “New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete”