Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

Okay, so Erika and I purchased a new 10.8 ft RIB a few months ago, I can say it’s WAY too big now. We have tried over 4-5 different deck configurations with no success, it simply has to be deflated to remain on deck…this was a major problem for us – let me digress: 1.Continue reading “Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)”

New Galley Faucet Handle Needed

Looks like the cold water faucet handle has died – it was incredibly hard to turn, now it feels like Hercules himself will be the only one able to close the water off! Original Galley Faucet: Another angle: If anyone knows where I can buy a new/replacement or alternative faucet set (easy bolt on ifContinue reading “New Galley Faucet Handle Needed”

Nice Galley, Happy Sailor

Check out the amazing before and after photos of the Galley cabinetry lining re-vinyl process (seriously this took 5+ days for 2 people to do, removing all the old glue, foam, vinyl, then prepping the material, and cutting hundreds of small pieces and corners to make every compartment fit perfectly – no 2 areas areContinue reading “Nice Galley, Happy Sailor”

Project ‘Sonic’ – Let there be Sound!

This post has been a long time in draft mode – we have wanted to get a sound system for the vessel (other than SSB) for some time, but haven’t had the funds or knowledge to make it happen. Here we are – now ready to wire up the main salon and cockpit next weekendContinue reading “Project ‘Sonic’ – Let there be Sound!”

SV Cerulean – Logo and Font Design Process

Wow – were very excited the designer who is working on the name graphics for the stern of Cerulean just emailed us proofs! See initial batch of choices: Brought it down to a narrow list of 7 – see below: What was your favorite one? Ours was #6 – can’t wait to post the finalContinue reading “SV Cerulean – Logo and Font Design Process”

Sunday Sails – Kaizen Style | 10.28.12

We had such a great day today – sailed down the coast to Redondo today with Harry, Myra (his Wife) and 4mo old baby Hazel. *And yes, this was a captured moment with me attempting to steal a homemade cookie from Myra! This was the second outing with Harry, but the first for both MyraContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Kaizen Style | 10.28.12”

Learning new things daily #1 – Toggle switch fun!

After almost 6months we keep learning new things about SV Cerulean. I figured we should start a post series titled: Learning New Things #X This will serve as installment #1 – Mysterious Toggle Switches on Engine Panel See below: *We know one activates the windlass – the others are mystery switches. Must ask the previousContinue reading “Learning new things daily #1 – Toggle switch fun!”

Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring – Mission Accomplished

I’m proud to report the carpet is GONE and our new flooring has been installed. Check it out: Before – Forward Stateroom sole: After – Forward Stateroom sole:   Before – Forward Bathroom Hallway sole: After – Forward Bathroom Hallway sole: B  efore – Aft Owners Cabin: After – Aft Owners Cabin:   GeezeContinue reading “Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring – Mission Accomplished”

Having a slip in Marina Del Rey

I just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone how much we LOVE having our boat docked in Marina Del Rey (MDR). Cerulean has been there for the past 3 months and its been a fabulous experience. We had no idea how great all the happy hours and restaurants choices would be. Also, forContinue reading “Having a slip in Marina Del Rey”