An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean

Wow – it’s been 3yrs to the day that Cerulean joined the Hermanns Family, and what a amazing journey it’s been! I wanted to share some of the older posts and photos that document the refit, and adventures that we’ve been through together. Cerulean being Hauled out of the water in Ventura (first day ofContinue reading “An Amel Maramu 3 year Refit Journey – S/V Cerulean”

Interior Metal Polishing and Brightwork

Ahoy! After a great experience with Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing, we chose to work with Chris and Lia long term. Their work on the Hull polishing and topside brightwork was very impressive, so we decided to start attacking the faded, corroded metal components down below (hinges, handles, exposed aluminum latches, etc.) – this is phaseContinue reading “Interior Metal Polishing and Brightwork”

Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

Okay, so Erika and I purchased a new 10.8 ft RIB a few months ago, I can say it’s WAY too big now. We have tried over 4-5 different deck configurations with no success, it simply has to be deflated to remain on deck…this was a major problem for us – let me digress: 1.Continue reading “Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)”

SV Cerulean – Logo and Font Design Process

Wow – were very excited the designer who is working on the name graphics for the stern of Cerulean just emailed us proofs! See initial batch of choices: Brought it down to a narrow list of 7 – see below: What was your favorite one? Ours was #6 – can’t wait to post the finalContinue reading “SV Cerulean – Logo and Font Design Process”

Learning new things daily #1 – Toggle switch fun!

After almost 6months we keep learning new things about SV Cerulean. I figured we should start a post series titled: Learning New Things #X This will serve as installment #1 – Mysterious Toggle Switches on Engine Panel See below: *We know one activates the windlass – the others are mystery switches. Must ask the previousContinue reading “Learning new things daily #1 – Toggle switch fun!”

SV Cerulean Specs – 1982 Amel Maramu

The Amel Maramu 46 is a Henri Amel and Jacques Carteau design, built by Chantiers Amel in France. You will read most company/3rd party literature nomenclature designating her as a “Maramu 48″,  the vessel is best known as the “Maramu 46″.  Dimensions: LOA: 46 ft 0 in Beam: 13 ft 2 in Minimum Draft: 6Continue reading “SV Cerulean Specs – 1982 Amel Maramu”