Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!

Our Gig Harbor Navigator is all grown up!!!! Seriously, I’m stoked >> she can row, sail, and motor with the best of them. To us this is the best combo-dinghy you can get. Before installation: After installation: Can’t thank Justin enough for his help, it took over 4 hours but we were trying to doContinue reading “Dinghy Dogs Installation and Honda Outboard!”

Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)

Okay, so Erika and I purchased a new 10.8 ft RIB a few months ago, I can say it’s WAY too big now. We have tried over 4-5 different deck configurations with no success, it simply has to be deflated to remain on deck…this was a major problem for us – let me digress: 1.Continue reading “Goodbye RIB, hello Gig Harbor Navigator 10′ (Nesting!)”