New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete

How exciting! I previously posted that our Galley Faucet had stopped working (ironically, it wouldn’t stop/turn off – LOL). Everything on this boat is not easy (30yrs old and French built), we had a menagerie of metric and standard plumbing parts to mate/fix up. After a hour or two of headbanging, we enlisted Karl &Continue reading “New Galley Faucet – Installation Complete”

New Galley Faucet Handle Needed

Looks like the cold water faucet handle has died – it was incredibly hard to turn, now it feels like Hercules himself will be the only one able to close the water off! Original Galley Faucet: Another angle: If anyone knows where I can buy a new/replacement or alternative faucet set (easy bolt on ifContinue reading “New Galley Faucet Handle Needed”

Nice Galley, Happy Sailor

Check out the amazing before and after photos of the Galley cabinetry lining re-vinyl process (seriously this took 5+ days for 2 people to do, removing all the old glue, foam, vinyl, then prepping the material, and cutting hundreds of small pieces and corners to make every compartment fit perfectly – no 2 areas areContinue reading “Nice Galley, Happy Sailor”