New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains

Its been a fun beginning of the year for Cerulean, she has all new Salon upholstery (no more fully White Vinyl) and matching closet curtains. Honestly, I’m so ecstatic about how good it all came out. The real credit goes to Mimi Sadoshima (my girlfriend) who did all of the design. Her style and aesthetic is muchContinue reading “New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains”

Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Three

They are complete (finally – and with a lot of back and forth with the upholstery company). Before: After: Port Salon – New with matching pillows Port Salon view with new curtains hung 😉 Before: After: Starboard Salon > with new curtains 😉 New Drapes covering Porthole – Nav Desk Honestly, the end product isn’tContinue reading “Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Three”

Salon Varnish Project – Before & After

Well, I almost forgot to post these pics – this is the before and after varnish work we did. Took about 3 days and 2 people to complete…total cost in materials  + sweat and blood = $600 USD. Companionway Steps – Before: Companionway Steps – After: Galley Sole – Before: Galley sole – After: GalleyContinue reading “Salon Varnish Project – Before & After”