New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains

Its been a fun beginning of the year for Cerulean, she has all new Salon upholstery (no more fully White Vinyl) and matching closet curtains. Honestly, I’m so ecstatic about how good it all came out. The real credit goes to Mimi Sadoshima (my girlfriend) who did all of the design. Her style and aesthetic is muchContinue reading “New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains”

New Genoa Sail Cover – UK Sailmakers Rock

Just installed the new Genoa sailcover today, and boy this cost me more than I anticipated. Little old “naive me” learned that a normal Canvas shop should NEVER install a furled sail cover (sunbrella or otherwise) – they simply don’t have the proper sailmaker cross stitch sewing machines to do it right. You’ve seen the Genoas withContinue reading “New Genoa Sail Cover – UK Sailmakers Rock”

Project: New Canvas Covers

Okay, so we have spent 90% of our time on the interior of Cerulean, now it’s time for some exterior attention – namely the canvas covers. We have a lot of sail area with a Ketch, and both sail covers are looking pretty old, not to mention the companionway hatch and wheel cover that lookContinue reading “Project: New Canvas Covers”