Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 2.17.13

Another awesome sail with friends – this time Shannan and John! Shannan has been sailing her entire life, John not so much – but he was a great sport regardless of his lack of sealegs! John and Shannan hanging out in the cockpit 😉 Erika showing her Seamanship as Captain – watch out there mayContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Sailing with Friends | 2.17.13”

Sunday Sails – Cerulean is Officially a Dog Sailboat! | 2.3.13

This weekend was the first time that Erika and I took Beatrix (our Schnauzer) onboard. She was a little confused at first, but after about 20 minutes started to explore the environment and feel comfortable. We tried to get her to relax, but she wanted to sniff every fitting, block, and wince on deck. OnceContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Cerulean is Officially a Dog Sailboat! | 2.3.13”

Sunday Sails – Kaizen Style | 10.28.12

We had such a great day today – sailed down the coast to Redondo today with Harry, Myra (his Wife) and 4mo old baby Hazel. *And yes, this was a captured moment with me attempting to steal a homemade cookie from Myra! This was the second outing with Harry, but the first for both MyraContinue reading “Sunday Sails – Kaizen Style | 10.28.12”