Polishing Cerulean’s Hull & Topside Brightwork

Ohh the joys of Oxidized Gelcoat! After a trip to Catalina and diving the hull I was unable to see a solid reflection of the sunlight on the hull 😦 I knew she was oxidized, flat, and in need of some TLC. Well, nothing looks better than a shiny hull so I took some local Salts advice and hired Marina Del Rey Yacht Detailing . Lia and Chris came by the boat the same day to put together a estimate, after speaking with them further we opted to also get a interior detail as well (they truly are the best!). This Honestky was a major two day+ job and they knocked it out flawlessly.

Photos from the hull polishing – notice the before and after splits down the middle on the first few shots:



The best part is Chris used a acid base fiberglass cleaner over the hull prior to the compound & wax. This brought out the shine, and you can clearly see the mirror image of the dock from the hull !!W00t!!

Here are some before and after photos of Ceruleans Brightwork:







And the final shot of polished and shiny Maritime goodness:


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