Project: New Canvas Covers

Okay, so we have spent 90% of our time on the interior of Cerulean, now it’s time for some exterior attention – namely the canvas covers. We have a lot of sail area with a Ketch, and both sail covers are looking pretty old, not to mention the companionway hatch and wheel cover that look like hell :).

Commence project – New Canvas Covers. After a lot of discussion with Rosario, we’ve decided to make the sail cover + lazy jacks built in, and also new winch covers etc…the whole sha-bang!

Erika and I went back and forth between Sunbrella’s: ‘Navy’. ‘Captains Navy’, and ‘Marine Blue’…there honestly were attributes from all three that we liked, but in the end we chose Marine Blue!

See the swatch choices below:
Sunbrella Swatches - be careful, they look very different in the sun vs. indoor light!
Believe it or not, the very top is Black (as a control) the next down Navy, then Captains Navy, Marine Blue etc…we chose Navy (it looks much different in the sunlight, wish I had a photo of it).

In addition here are the before and after shots of the work!

Cerulean @ Dock (Before):

Cerulean @ Dock (After):

Main Sail Cover (Before):

Main Sail Cover (After):

Cerulean - Main Sail Canvas Cover


Mizzen Sail Cover (Before):

Mizzen Sail Cover (After):

Windlass (Before):

Windlass (After):

Companion Way and Wheel Cover (Before):

Cockpit and Wheel Cover (After):
Cerulean - New Wheel and Seat Covers!

Cerulean - Chart Plotter Cover, Throttle and Compass Canvas

Companion Way (Before):

Companion Way (After):

Whaddya think? Big improvement ehhh? Also – this was very reasonable, Rosario does excellent work and only deals with Genuine Sunbrella for proper fit and wear. Mario and Rosario are true craftsmen, we can’t say enough good things about them 🙂

Give Rosario a call if you need ANY upholstery or canvas work – you won’t be disappointed (and let them know Jeremy sent ya).*For the best marine upholstry in Los Angeles/Marina Del Rey area call: Rosario Boat Covers @ (310) 821-4207

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